fauxhawkk graphics;

yeah, because it's that fucking good.

f a u x . h a w k k
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welcome to fauxhawkk! :D
just a few simple rules to follow;
1. always credit. i credit. it's the right thing to do.
2. when crediting, don't credit amandacus, please credit fauxhawkk :].
3. comment if you see anything you like or if you take something. this is feedback and i will know to make more of this :D
4. suggestions are ALWAYS welcome! just suggest on any post and i will try my hardest to get what you want done.
5. please do not hotlink! it eats up all my bandwidth and then all my graphics get deleted.
6. please watch or join the community! it means a lot to me :]



please read all directions before requesting!
to request, please comment any recent entry of mine. you can only request text icons! do not request people or bands, just their quotes/lyrics. fill out the following survey and post it as your comment. answer all questions and make the header: say pease do my wequest. if the header doesn't say that, i know you didn't read the rules! and i won't make your requests. you can suggest things anytime by just commenting something like "hey you should do some icons with quotes from spaceballs or eminem lyrics." that's fine at any time! thanks! and i will do my best to complete them. also, i will make about 3 or 4 icons if you have a specific quote that you want done so you can pick your favorite. do not request more than 5 quotes at a time. kthanks.

quest form:
type of quote: (please delete all but the type you want) movie quote, quote, lyrics, television, random, other.
who said it/where is it from: answer here!
color(s) for the icon: color here!
perferred font of icon, choose three!: fonts here!
what is/are the quote(s) you want done?: quotes go here!
do you want a design in the background or plain color? explain..: describe here.
thanks amanda! :D

please read the rules before requesting.